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voices of our city choir currently feeds approximately 1,000 individuals a week, has housed over 63 of its members, and is providing charging stations around san diego. Helping San Diego's unsheltered neighbors reconnect with hope and possibility through the healing power of music. We believe that every human being deserves hope and connection. It's with hope and connection that we are able to lift ourselves from our circumstances. Our programs are designed to offer choir members the hope, dignity and drive to begin again. Choir members are given the space and opportunity to connect with themselves again and from there we begin to connect them with the local resources necessary to help them get into shelter and employment.

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Prana Hands started in 2010 as the desire to share meditation techniques and meditate together with friends grew into a sense of purpose: to spread these tools and share it with more and more people. As I became a Military spouse, I got involved in the lives of many active duty members and veterans and I saw the changes in my own husband as he joined our group meditation sessions. It was clear that the military community needed these tools. We went from weekly meditations at our center in Pacific Beach to meditations at Balboa Naval Hospital and we’ve had hundreds of people join our sessions. Our organisation also partnered with Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and together we offer weekly Acupuncture sessions completely free of charge for Active Duty Members and Veterans. We also offer scholarships to Energy Therapy workshops that help them learn more tools to improve their health and wellness. The impact of these practices on their lives goes beyond what I could have imagined when I first started our group meditations. For happier and more joyful Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines. They are our mission, our mission is to support their health and wellness journey.

Gabriela Palma-Cruz

(Founder of Prana Hands Nonprofit)

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