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I wonder if people know that my name is Kaia, spelled like Gaia, for mother earth (and for the people)?

Anyway,I am here to offer you meaningful presence. 


This type of presence activates within you an integration of awareness that moves you past your your personal belief systems, into the purest form of Genuine Human Connection--within yourself and with others.  


I shine light into your life to guide and teach you ways to bridge your earthly world with the worlds beyond--Scientific, Religious, and Spiritual.  


I also remind you to question everything and everyone.  To experiment in order to gain your own findings (instead of just believing everything you read and hear). 


I do this in the most light hearted, authentic, entertaining, joyful, and pragmatic way, too.


Your senses and intuition strengthen too because you surround yourself with my energy since it is safe, trustworthy, authoritative and inviting.


Through my humility and transparency, you begin to unwind from the tension of your life and breathe again.


I am well respected in my fields of study and it shows.  Not because I'm hot stuff but because I genuinely am passionate and successful at what I do.


I have a Bachelor of Arts from the University of San Diego, California as well as 3 diplomas from the American Institute of Asian Studies.  I am a professional analyst and are constantly doing experimentations to make sure my findings are still sound, or have updated.  


I am a humble award winning performing artist who absolutely loves community service and the concept of tithing to organizations that impact my life the best way possible.


The forms of energy transmission I embody within my life practice includes, but are not limited to: 


   Performing arts Healing (Singing, Dancing, Spoken Word, Acting)

   Religious forms of Healing (Laying of Hands, Speaking in Tongues, and so forth)


   Eastern Medicine

   Western Medicine

   Personal Development 

   Sacred Indigenous Ancestral Healing 


I am deeply grateful to grow up being guided and raised by the elders of the Hmong, Navajo, Latin, African American and Celtic Manx ancestry.  


During the most fragile and imprinted part of my younger life, it is my elders who protected, loved and nurtured me, every chance they could--even during extreme trauma that included child neglect, psychological abuse and several attempts of human trafficking.  


I am thankful for the life I live because I have lived so much of it and gained resources and tools that continue to help me and can help you too


Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little about me.  


Let's now dive into what this newsletter offers to YOU. 

  PAST Performances    america's got talent semi finalist choir member 2020    


big boi from. outkast backup dancer 2018

pharcyde backup dancer 2018

house of blues raw artists dancer singer 2018

breakthrough showcase dancer 2018

Nerd Boy Fashion Show DANCER 2017

spoken word poetry 2017


Fred Astaire Dance School 

Twin Cities Arthur MurrAy Dance School

Roosevelt School of Performing Arts


Culture Shock DANCE CENTER San Diego Center

Minneapolis Institute of Art


KAREN CLAGUE performing arts company


Bachelor of Arts Degree in Human Development     2002-2007

University of California, San Diego


High School Degree
Roosevelt School of Arts                                                                                           2000-2002

Landmark Worldwide Education (Personal Development Program)         Dec 2016 - Jan 2017
Seminar, Living Life Passionately
Self-Expression and Leadership Program
Coach for Self-Expression and Leadership Program



Dance and Gymnastics Coach           Superstar Gymnastics                                   2018 - 2020

  • Responsible for administrative duties such as attendance, student enrollment and updating various documentation for the company.  Teaching duties included instructing groups of children to actively listen and empower themselves through creative expression; while maintaining authority, trustworthiness and relatability.

Dance/Performing Arts Instructor       Stagebound Performing Arts   2018-2019

  • Responsible for managing active groups of children while maintaining authority, a positive energy and a calm demeanor.  A proud moment of mine was when I received a compliment from my manager who said that I create a cohesive environment that brings together different personalities (introverts, extroverts, different cultures, different socio economic classes) to work together and make things flow.



Dancing, Singing, Poetry, Drawing, Acting, Writing, Motivational Public Speaking


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