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Kaia Olivia began her contribution to the world at the tender age of 3 years, performing poetry and sharing empowering messages to women who were domestic violence survivors.  


As a teen, she became a ward of the state and went on to become the spokesperson for her foster agency, Positive Attitude Outlook; as well as a mentor and tutor for the many foster youth in her agency.  Her passion for people deepened as she obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Human Development from the University of California, San Diego.  


Now her career has blossomed into the entertainment industry where she performs on stages worldwide; both vast and intimate.

Kaia describes herself to be a genuinely kind, down-to-earth, pure, loving, humble and relatable person.  Who also happens to be playful by nature, with a strong passion for empowerment, creativity, self-expression and love.  Her tenacity to acknowledge life and take grasp of the present moment, in a way that it is both comforting and cozy, while also hauntingly beautiful, is a rare and appreciative perspective for all who have had the pleasure of knowing of and interacting with her.

  PAST Performances        Breakthrough Showcase

Nerd Boy Fashion Show

Dance Performer

Dance Performer



Black Xpression

Vocal Dance and Poetry Performer


Lyrical Exchange

Vocal and Poetry Performer


Neo Soul Tuesdays

Vocal and Poetry Performer


Senor Juan Garcia’s Dance Company

Dance Performer


Contagious Flow Dance Company

Dance Performer       


Lil Arts

Dance Teacher and Performer


Erratix Dance Company

Choreographer and Performer



Choreographer and Performer


Fresno Hmong Dance Company

Hmong Ensemble Dancer


Minnesota Dance Theatre Company

Nutcracker Ensemble Dancer




Ballroom Dance

Fred Astaire Dance School

Ballet Dance

Twin Cities Arthur Murry Dance School

Jazz Dance

Twin Cities Arthur Murry Dance School  | Roosevelt School of Performing Arts | Culture Shock San Diego Center

Salsa Dance

Roosevelt School of Performing Arts |Culture Shock San Diego Center

Bachata Dance

Roosevelt School of Performing Arts |Culture Shock San Diego Center

Modern Dance

Roosevelt School of Performing Arts |Culture Shock San Diego Center |

University of California San Diego

Hip Hop Dance

Roosevelt School of Performing Arts |Culture Shock San Diego Center |

University of California San Diego

Step Dance

Roosevelt School of Performing Arts

Stomp Dance

Roosevelt School of Performing Arts

Krump Dance

Roosevelt School of Performing Arts

Tradition Hmong

Roosevelt School of Performing Arts

Vocal Training

Roosevelt School of Performing Arts | Karen Clague


Karen Clague


Minneapolis Institute of Art


Minneapolis Institute of Art



Bachelor of Arts Degree in Human Development     2002-2007

University of California, San Diego


High School Degree
Roosevelt School of Arts                                                                                           2000-2002

Landmark Worldwide Education (Personal Development Program)         Dec 2016 - Jan 2017
Seminar, Living Life Passionately
Self-Expression and Leadership Program
Coach for Self-Expression and Leadership Program



Dance and Gymnastics Coach           Superstar Gymnastics                                   2018 - 2020

  • Responsible for administrative duties such as attendance, student enrollment and updating various documentation for the company.  Teaching duties included instructing groups of children to actively listen and empower themselves through creative expression; while maintaining authority, trustworthiness and relatability.

Dance/Performing Arts Instructor       Stagebound Performing Arts   2018-2019

  • Responsible for managing active groups of children while maintaining authority, a positive energy and a calm demeanor.  A proud moment of mine was when I received a compliment from my manager who said that I create a cohesive environment that brings together different personalities (introverts, extroverts, different cultures, different socio economic classes) to work together and make things flow.

Dance Instructor                                  Lil Arts   2005-2007

  • Instructed dance classes to students ranging between the ages of 2 and 55.

  • Exposed dancers to diverse backgrounds of dance such as hip hop, reggae, free style hip hop, step, stomp and krump dancing.

Co-Founder/Choreographer/Dancer    Erratix Dance Company               2002-2006

  • Hip hop choreographer, instructor and performer


Mentoring Director                              Academic Success Program                             2003-2004

  • Organized events for mentors and mentees to develop healthy relationships and expand their interpersonal skills

  • Organized committees of various cultural organizations to collaborate ideas for their own individual mentoring programs

Mentor/Tutor                       Positive Attitude Outlook, Inc.                           2003-2004

  • Mentored and tutored  students in various subjects for summer session including Math, English, Science, and Spanish

  • Built rapport with students and their families ranging from a wide variety of various socio-economic status and cultural backgrounds


CEO/Choreographer/Performer            K-CREW                                   1999-2002

  • CEO, lead choreographer and principle dancer


Daycare Provider                             God’s Little Angels                                           1999-2002

  • Implemented music and art related activities such as singing, dance and painting between 3 and 12 years of age

  • Mentored and tutored children in literacy and mathematic competence

  • Meal prepped every child’s meal daily

  • Administrative work including enrollment, sign-in, sign-out, front desk reception.


Choir Director                                     COGIC Church                                              1999-2002

  • Taught composition and vocal training with engaging learning activities to students between the ages of 5 and 13.



Dancing, Singing, Poetry, Drawing, Acting, Writing, Motivational Public Speaking



Fresno Marjorie Mason Center 

Fresno Boys and Girls Club

Food Not Bombs

San Diego Food Bank

San Diego Special Olympics

Each One Reach One mentoring program at Thurgood Marshall, University of

California, San Diego