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Provide your birth date, place, and time to receive a thorough explanation of your

1. Astrological Chart

2. Human Design Chart

3. Life Path Number

4. Life Purpose Chart

$200 for a 2 hour reading

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Mudra Cards

What are mudra cards?

Mudra cards accompany the book "Mudras for Healing and Transformation." 108 beautifully illustrated cards for cultivating health, healing and spiritual awakening can also be another form of energy work. Each card includes instructions, core qualities, benefits, contraindications and affirmations for each gesture.

mudra is a symbolic or ritual gesture or pose in Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism. While some mudras involve the entire body, most are performed with the hands and fingers.


Oracle Readings

What is an oracle? Outside an oracle being a person who receives and delivers wise guidance (like kaia, or like the ancient priestesses in the Greek temple of Delphi), an oracle is a tool used in divination.


 It is an intermediary tool that is created to facilitate Divine or Higher Guidance that uses symbols to form a language through which this communication is possible. An oracle works through synchronicity, or meaningful coincidence when a person uses it.


An oracle can be a card deck, a set of runes on wood chips or stones, sticks or coins like the I-Ching, etc… It always works on a specific symbolic system that allows the information to be accessed about whatever subject the person using them seeks to know.

Now, oracle cards are different from tarot because they are fluid systems.


What does that mean?


It means every oracle deck will differ from the other. It’s up to the author to create the vocabulary and system the oracle card deck operates on. It’s called a Lexicon.

All the parts of the Oracle need to work together to have an oracle that works as a true divination system.

Each oracle card deck is its own little universe and is generally distinct from the others by their art, author, and themes.

That said oracle cards are fairly new forms of divination. Oracle Cards began to be popular in the early 1900s in Europe with the advent of the Lenormand Oracle.

Birth Chart Readings

Reading a birth chart is is done through essentially a picture of the planets position in the sky when you were born.


Kaia is guided in the interpretation of what your soul purpose came here to do. A fascinating connection where we can uncover YOU through alchemy and love.


All walks of life can have their birth chart read. 

Ultimately your birth chart is a tool for you to understand and treasure.


We all came here to be our best version of ourselves and a Spirit of astrology reading helps you navigate this. 

More About Birth Chart Readings 

By intuitively interpreting the chart and opening the conversation, we will be looking into your unique personality. Whether this is something that merely intrigues you, or in fact you're a keen astrologer in the making with a knowledge of the zodiac and planets, this will excite your appetite.


The Chart in essence is a picture, a camera shot, of where the planets were, what position they were in, when you came into this world. The reading will give you a whole new perspective. Kaia is working on a soul purpose delivery with spiritual guidance.

This will include your very own Birth Chart that you can print off and keep forever.

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